WMF Ikora Germany Red & Gold Metal Chinoiserie Art Deco Vase

$450.00 $1,500.00

WMF Ikora Germany Art Deco Dinaderie chinoiserie style vase. Reddish brown tone with gold. Thumbprint dent near base and linear blemish on one side. Please see photographs 6 & 7. 

Measures 5 1/4 x 6". Probably designed by Paul Haustein or one of his students, noted for use of deconstructed oriental motifs

This vase is model 49/461 and appeared in the 1930/31 and the 1933 WMF Ikor-Edelmetall Catalogs*. Described as having a red brown patinated engraving and by 1933 was also available as a lamp or ceiling spotlight. 

*As seen WMF Ikora Metalwork, by Carlo Burschel, Heinz Scheiffele, Published by Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt, Stuttgart, 2006 pages 173 and 204. 

10329 WB97