Vic Payne "There's a Valley Ahead" Bronze Stagecoach Sculpture

xcellent western Americana bronze sculpture of horse drawn carriage
39" Width, 20" Height, 18" Depth.
statement from artist from Vic Payne Website

" In this sculpture, full of movement and detail, artist Vic Payne has portrayed a gripping moment of pioneer life. As he says, "This piece is about people working together. With enough determination anyone can accomplish what they set their mind to."

This courageous young couple, heading west across the prairies, is caught in a spellbinding moment of suspense as their "prairie schooner" tilts precariously over the edge of yet another hill.

A worn but determined husband calls the words of encouragement back to his wife...'There's a valley ahead' they work hard together to make it over the last stretch of mud tracks. With her skirt billowing in the constant prairie winds, the strong pioneer woman keeps a worried watch over her piano and other prized possessions. She is just as determined as her husband who strains to pull the team out of the muddy ruts left by the previous families who sacrificed and struggled together in order to reach their new life.

This sculpture is an inspiration for us today. In todays modern world, if people pull together like this courageous young couple, there too will be greener pastures waiting for 'There's a Valley Ahead'. "