Rare LEF BODART Delft Porcelyn Fles ART DECO Stoneware Crystallized Glaze VASE

$1,900.00 $2,950.00

Rare Dutch Royal Delft Porceleyn Fles stoneware vase, hand painted by L.E.F Bodart. in a rare Crystalized Glaze c 1914-1933. Arabesque pattern on mottled blue and brown glazes, bulbous shape with narrow neck and blown out inverted rim. Measures Height 8" tall x 5.5". Clearly marked under base. EXCELLENT condition, no repairs, chips, cracks or damage. A rare and wonderful piece of early Art deco Dutch pottery

We sent a photo to Royal Delft and this is their reply:

Crystallized glazes were characterized by small specks that gave the colours more vitality. The type of glaze required to obtain this crystallised effect was originally too runny to use on vertical surfaces. However, in 1914 H.W. Mauser managed to develop a glaze that retained a sufficient degree of viscosity during firing, making it possible to use crystal glazes on vases and dishes. The painter Bodart was especially grateful for this development, and he designed several models with people and animals.