Canada Native PHIL GATENSBY Carved Bone Mastadon Mask


Phil Gatensby Mastodon Bone Mask

Phil Gatensby is an elder of the Raven Clan of the Tlingit people mostly known as a peace maker and spiritual guide to his people, he also carves bone.

Harold and Phil Gatensby are members of the Raven Clan of the Inland Tlingit Nation from a community with a population of four hundred in the south west corner of the Yukon Terr. Canada, called Carcross. Over the course of 35 years Harold has introduced Native Spiritual programs in jails, trained many Yukon community people as well as communities across North American and Europe in the use of peacemaking Circles, and facilitated Circles in response to serious criminal cases in the Yukon and other provinces. Community based Circles are a unique process that nurtures the four aspects of the human being and can help the individual, family community and nation.

- Framed
- Wired for Hanging
- Measurements> Frame: 9(h) x 7(w) x 1.5(depth), Mask: approx. 3.25(h) x 2.25(w)