MICHAEL YACHNIK Oregon Modern Art Acrylic SIX GUYS on an ANGRY CORNER Painting

$350.00 $695.00
Pacific NW artist Michael Yachnik acrylic Pop Art painting on canvas, titled Six Guys on an Angry Corner. Signed at lower right. Simple wood frame measures 31.5"x 21.5", painting measures 30" x 24".

Artist Statement:

Statement: In this painting I hope to evoke a call to non-action, instead a call to conversation. I can remember several times in my lifetime that I was part of uncomfortable discussions with honest, open-hearted people who said some outrageous things, things that today would set the internet on fire. There was awkwardness, some laughter and then a lot of sharing. No one jumped to angry action. It was safe to say wrong and even offensive things as long as the sharing was honest and the sharing was followed by listening to others respond. When it was finally time to leave, many held a new and broader vision; sometimes, they even made new friends. These discussions were often casual, spontaneous; sometimes they were planned and public. Shared comments ranged from personal disclosure to long held prejudices (some championed, some regretted) to simple confusion — all expressed intelligently and with composure. If only again.


Six Guys on an Angry Corner. Today the anger is so automatic, so pervasive, that it rains down and ricochets everywhere, as if the anger is even part of the landscape.