Majolica Terracotta Fruit Bunch Wall Hanging Unglazed Sergio Ricceri

This is an incredible example of Impruneta terracotta as done by Sergio Ricceri. Just look at the detail here! This branch of the Ricceri family was already engaged in the production of terracotta items during the 18th century, but it was especially in the 20th century that the factory expanded, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Ricceri, who, upon discovering a deposit of fireclays in the area of Santa Flora on Mount Amiata, established brickworks there, Then, in the 5o's, Raffaello built his own factory producing small decorative objects, not only in terracotta but in majolica as well. Today, Giuseppe's grandson, Sergio Ricceri, carries out constant experimentation both on materials like earthenware, but also bucchero and majolica, - and on the finishing in particular, improving the frost-resistant glazes, the craquelé or the variously aging effects, which give a durable patina to the different types of ceramics.

14 x 8 x 4