JULES CHEVET Vintage French MANUFACTURE de BISCUITS Framed Lithograph Art Poster

Jules Cheret 1836 - 1932), Vintage Manafacture de Biscuits French Restaurant Lithograph

The father of modern poster art and a critical figure in the development of the French Belle Époque style, Jules Chéret was the first artist to work with color lithography. The artist’s free-spirited, Rococo-style female figures, dubbed “Chérettes,” came to not only define Belle Époque advertising but also represent the liberated Parisian woman. Although Chéret had a talent for working with oil paint and pastels, he remains best known for his lithographs, which served as the exemplar of poster design and color theory during the late 19th century.

20th century lithograph, well framed. Frame measures 19.25" x 24.5". Lithograph measures 9.5" x 14".