Jervis McEntee Water Color Forest Brook Fisherman Antique Painting

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Limited edition Cubist print by Alexandra Nechita, 1996. Signed in pencil at lower right and limited edition 120/2500 at lower left.

Frame measures 35.5" x 27". Actual print measures 20" x 28.5".

As found on AskArt: Alexandra Nechita is a contemporary American-Romanian artist known for her Neo-Cubist style of painting. Born on August 27, 1985 in Vaslui, Romania, Nechita moved to the United States as a young child, where she developed her skills in ink, oils, and watercolors. A prodigious talent, she received praise and accolades as a child, with comparisons made between her work and that of famed Cubist Pablo Picasso. Her paintings are often large in scale, displaying close attention to color and space while carrying strong political messages, usually calling for universal peace and freedom. “Painting represents for me a way of communicating my inner feelings,” the artist has said. “Through painting I have a voice and I can make a change.” Nechita currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where she received a degree in Fine Arts from UCLA in 2008.

Proceeds benefits the Children's Cancer Association

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