Holy Physics Johann Jakob Scheuchzer Antique Framed Copper Religious Engraving

A copper engraving from Johann Jakob Scheuchzer's "Physica Sacra" (Holy Physics) also known as the Kupfer-Bibel (Copper Bible), which was the first natural scientific commentary on the entire Bible.  In more than two thousand folio pages, illustrated with seven hundred copperplates, Scheuchzer explained and commented on selected passages from every part of the holy text concerning natural phenomena and events.  Because of the large number of copperplates, Scheuchzer called his Holy Physics, the "copper-bible".  The Physica Sacra was written to popularize the natural sciences and to give instruction to laymen studying the Bible on their own.
Tab. DCCVI is a scene from Matthew, Cap. XXVI. v.45, and is titled Eclipsis passionalis.  The Latin is found under the engraving on the left side and the German is on the right.  Nicely framed by Katayama Framing of Portland, OR
Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (August 2, 1672 – June 23, 1733) was a Swiss scholar and naturalist.  Scheuchzer, the father of paleontology, is famous for his fossil collection, his systematic exploration of the Alps and his numerous publications on geology, geophysics and natural sciences. 
Ornate gold gilt frame measures 13 1/2" x 17 1/2".