DWAYNE SIMEON Pacific NW Canada Kwakwaka'wakw Native Wood BUMBLE BEE Art Mask


Pacific NW coast Native, Dwayne Simeon hand carved wood mask, 'Bumble Bee'. Very good condition, missing 3 sticks at nose, fur is loose. Measures 11" x 8" x 8". Signed, dated 1987, and titled 'Bumble Bee' inner mask.
As found on Spirits of the West Coast:

The Native Bee Symbol symbolizes honesty and willingness to serve the community above all. In Northwest Coast Cultures, Masked Bee Dancers are often intended to be amusing during dances. The dancer with the Bee Mask would dance around and touch other dancers and people with their sharp barbs or stingers. The individuals stung by the bees during their dance would often be compensated for the stings, by receiving special small gifts given during the potlatches.

Dwayne Simeon is a Kwakwaka'wakw Master Carver of authentic, traditional, museum-quality North West Coast native art. Dwayne was born in Campbell River, BC in 1960.
His heritage is Ligwilda’xw (Cape Mudge) Haida and Squamish. He began his artistic career in 1974 with painting. He then went on to Victoria, BC. Where he trained under masters Tony Hunt, John Livingston, and Calvin Hunt, learning the art of carving. In 1981 he took training in jewelry making at the Vancouver Vocational Institute.

Dwayne's art has been his "soul" job since his teen years. Dwayne's effort to increase cultural awareness through his art continues.