Antique Mondo Nuovo Perspective View of Mouth of Scheldt Antwerp Fish Print

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"Vue perspective de l'Embouchure de l'Escaut et de la Poissonnerie d'Anvers"
(Perspective view of the Mouth of the Scheldt and the Antwerp Fish Market) framed colored print.
Frame measures 20.75 x 14.75 x .5"
Print measures 15.75 x 11"
The optical views, also called views, perspectives or "mondo nuovo" prints are very popular between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. They were meant to be viewed through a set of several mirrors or by means of a Zygrascope instrument consisting of a mirror and a lens. The optical views can be considered the precursors of three-dimensional images and stereoscopes that were very successful in the nineteenth century. The optical views seem to appear in the 1740s and are entertainment lounge. The process was first developed in Paris, then London and finally in Germany and clung to represent - so idealized - the most famous sights and landscapes of East and West.