CAROL GRIGG Signed Editors Gallery NATIVE American Indian Oregon Lithograph

Carol Grigg signed Editor's Gallery lithograph showing 2 Native American Indians. Frame measures 36.5" x 26.5. If you interested in just the lithograph, I can ship without frame for much cheaper shipping. Actual lithograph measures 34" x 23.5"
As found on Native American art: Carol Grigg draws her inspiration from nature and primitive art. She married young and moved
to a remote area in southern Oregon where she created a home in a cabin. Grigg had farm
animals, and many pets, including a baby crow named Hannibal. She shared her property with
bear, mountain lion, deer, poachers and hunters.

In her own words, Grigg says, "I explore a variety of creative forms; watercolor, oil, collage,
clay, inks, music and poetry- anything I can easily and quickly get my hands on. I am influenced
by primitive art, especially from the earliest cave paintings. The images I bring forth are
surrounded by space and create a suspended moment in which one might rest. In this I would
wish for the ideas of ecstasy, intuition, love and awareness in nature, healing power and
spiritual unity to surface into the consciousness of the observer - participant. It is the Great
Mother energy I am expressing." Grigg, who is part Cherokee Indian, certainly has become at
peace with the nature around her.

Her posters and lithographs hang in places from Big Sur to the Cairo Hilton. Her work has been
featured at Art Expo in New York and is sold in Scottsdale through Joan Cawley Gallery Ltd.
"For me the whole idea of being here on the physical earth is to succeed and give at the same
time. Many of us have the means to make a difference."