Large Burmese KALAGA Silk Sequin & Bead Tapestry in Case


Burmese Kalaga Tapestry

Kalagas were originally developed in Burma (now Myanmar) at the Mandalay court (1850-1885) to serve as wall hangings, curtains, room partitions, coffin covers and theatre backdrops. These traditional Burmese tapestries depicted scenes from various legends as well as events of religious importance. They are traditionally made of silk, flannel, felt, wool and lace against a background made of cotton or velvet indigenous to Burma (Myanmar).

Most of the Antique Kalagas deteriorate quickly because of climate the fabric deteriorating. This one is old and in excellent condition, a rare example.

- Made From Silk, Metal Sequins, and Glass Beads
- Hand stitched with Gold Thread
- Circa 1930 to 1950.
- Framed and Wired to Hang in Custom Acrylic Case


****This item is available for local pick up only or buyer arranges packing, pick up, and shipping.