Antique 1836 Liverpool Sterling Silver Captain Packet Ship Commemorative Basket

$1,400.00 $1,995.00

Antique sterling silver commemorative basket dating 1836, Liverpool was presented to Captain G. Ade of the Liverpool Packet Ship in December 1837. 

The packet ships were contracted by governments to carry mail, passengers, and newspapers.  Up until 1817, there were no regular passages advertised by sailing ships. They arrived at port when they could, dependent on the wind, and left when they were loaded, frequently visiting other ports to complete their cargo. In 1817, The Black Ball Line undertook to leave New York on a fixed day of the month irrespective of cargo or passengers. The service took several years to establish itself and it was not until 1822 that the line increased sailings to two per month.

High relief floral detailing. Excellent condition, needs a good polishing. 

Weighs 1040 grams.

Measures 11" including handle x 13".

Engraving at center reads "Presented to Capt. G Ade of the Liverpool Packet Ship Independence as a mark of friendship by his passengers from New York in Dec 1837". Base reads "Wordley & Mayer Liverpool 6392". Other silver hallmarks found under rim.