AO Spencer Petrographic Microscope with Original Box & 2 Field Condensers


American Optical (AO) Spencer polarizing petrographic microscope with 2 field condensers, original box and book (Manual of Petrographic Methods By Albert Johannsen). 

Petrographic microscopes such as this were designed to analyze thin sections of rock and mineral sections utilizing both polarized and non-polarized light. This microscope most likely dates to the late 1940's, and is in excellent condition overall. Bright paint and chrome work, all the functions appear to be smooth. Comes with two field condensers, one in a separate box with original instruction sheet and accessories, and a second one in the larger accessories box. Appears to be missing many of the original objective lens accessories. 

This is a substantial scope, and measures 13 inches high in its most contracted form. The case is 20 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. Box is in good condition, but the original lock has been removed and is sitting in the accessories box.