Scottish Clan Macpherson Sterling "Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove" Trophy Vase

Scottish Clan Macpherson sterling silver Trophy or vase, inscribed "Touch Not the Cat Bot a Clove" with ornate relief design.

Clan Macpherson is a Highland Scottish clan and a member of the Chattan Confederation.

The clan motto is ‘Touch not the cat bot a glove’. ‘Bot’ means without. The ‘glove’ of a wildcat is the pad. If the cat is ‘ungloved’, its claws are unsheathed. The motto serves as a warning that one should beware when the wildcat’s claws are ‘without a glove’. It is a reference to the historically violent nature of the clan and serves as a metaphorical warning to others that they should think twice before interfering with Macpherson business.

Measures 15.25" tall x 7". 831 grams
Excellent condition, needs polished. No dents or dings.
Hallmarked at base Sterling 5571