Pilchuck Artist Dave Schwarz Hand Cut V-Axis Series Geometric Art Glass Bowl

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Pilchuck studio, Washington artist Dave Schwarz hand cut and etched glass bowl or vase from V-Axis series. Bold geometric colors and shapes.

Measures 8" x 13" x 10"
Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or repairs. Signed and dated 1991 at base.

Artist's statement found on American art: In understanding my work and to know why I do what I do, it will help to know a little about my background and a few of the major influences that have affected my directions.

For three generations now the men in my family have been engineers. When I completed my military tour in the Army in 1974, and with no idea what career I wished to pursue, the simplest and most obvious choice was to continue the tendency of my brothers, father, and grandfather and pursue a career in engineering. For two summers while going to school, I worked for the Washington State Department of Transportation surveying and inspecting concrete. While training for a career in engineering my escape and passion was jewelry. I had and I guess I still do have a weakness for the brilliance of a wonderfully cut gem.

My "Z-Axis" series represents my interest in illusionary space. In geometry, X-Axis is the horizontal line, the Y is the vertical, the Z-Axis is the imaginary line that goes back into space. I am interested in the Z-Axis--the physical and emotional perception of three-dimensional space through illusion. Optics, perspective, translucency, and color are all tools in trying to create a more perfect illusion.

I draw structures that read mass, and place them in an environment devoid of gravity. Through the use of optics I give the structures life and the freedom to move about my space.

I want my work to be visually explored. While the viewers eye is moving about my space I am hoping that the eye will evoke a physical reaction or sensation of weightlessness.