PIEGAN DANDIES Original Native American Watercolor Painting by Frank HAGEL

Haunting watercolor painting "Piegan Dandies" by Frank Hagel. 2 Native American men on horse.  Framed in gold gilt frame with canvas matting. Unframed measures approximately 14" X 22", frame measures 21" X 29". Signed "Hagel 1990" at left corner. Gold plaque on frame reads "Piegan Dandies Frank Hagel" In excellent condition.
**Frank Hagel is a native of Montana. After graduating from the Los Angeles Art Center, Frank spent twelve years in Michigan as an illustrator. Twice he was awarded the Silver Medal from the Detroit Society of Art Directors. Each year he was able to return to Montana in the fall to work as a hunting guide. In 1970 Frank was commissioned by the National Park Service to design a Centennial medallion for each of the 36 national parks. This allowed Frank to move back to Montana and paint what he knew best, hunting, outfitting, horse packing, and wildlife. A commission to do mural-sized paintings of the history of Montana changed his focus to the early Plains Indians. Now his historical paintings of his homeland are in galleries from Florida to  California.