"Kamtschatka Bear Hunting" Framed Color Engraving

"Kamtschatka Bear Hunting" 
Frame measures  14.25" x 11.25" x .75"
Print measures: 9.5" x 7"
Dobourg sculpt., 1813

This originally hand-colored aquatint engraving is from Thomas Williamson's "Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, &c. &c. From drawings by Messrs. Howitt, Atkinson, Clark, Manskirch, &c. With a Supplement of New South Wales".

The work was published in London by H. R. Young in 1819. --- The work included illustrations of big game hunting, whaling, fishing, birding, and bull fighting in North America, Germany, Lapland, Spain, Russia, and Africa. The supplement also included illustrations of hunting practices by the native people in Australia. These scenes are noted for their unprejudiced depictions, rare among early colonial Australian art: "without question the most attractive and sympathetic of the early European depictions of the native inhabitants." "Other artists working in the colony at the time portrayed the Aborigines with grotesque sarcasm. But the drawings in Field Sports demonstrate respect for their dignity and exuberantly innocent humanity." (Australian Rare Books, p.280-281)