DISNEY Artist John Hubley Original Sketch Portrait Art of YOUNG GIRL

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John Hubley Original Sketch of his Neighbor's Daughter, Mary

John Hubley (1914 - 1977) began his career in animation as a layout artist for many of Disney’s Golden Age films (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Bambi, the Rite of Spring vignette in Fantasia, etc.), leaving to join Screen Gems following the Disney Strike in 1941.

- Pencil on Paper, blue watercolor
- Drawn Circa mid-1900's
- Fair Condition
- Edges Worn, a Couple of Holes, Some Creases, a Couple of Tears.
- Paper Foxing/Browning
- Framed
- Measurements> Frame: approx. 12.25(h) x 11.75(w), Drawing: 6.25(h) x 6(w)