Bill Papas Abstract Oil Painting of Figure on Horse

Bill Papas (NY/Oregon 1927-2000), abstract oil on board of horse with rider.
Gold and red tone wood frame measures 25.25" x 30"
Painting measures 18.5" x 23.5"
Signed and dated 1975 at lower right.

Papas moved to Oregon in 1984, continuing to paint and illustrate. In Oregon, he also ran his own art gallery and drew an evocative series of pen-and-ink and watercolor pictures of American cities, later published as Papas' America and Papas' Portland among others. He died in 2000 after a flying accident.
Artist Statement: 
I regard myself as an artist/reporter, a recorder of people, places, and events. In 1947 I found myself sketching on the street corners of Cape Town and of war-ravished Europe. In 2000 I find myself doing the same thing in different parts of the world. It is a compulsion to record a passing moment. A sketchbook commands respect, a degree of awe and instant communication in a way a camera cannot. It is a passport to people. In Portland, sullen street kids talk to me. In Egypt, I had to employ someone to restrain the crowds that gathered to watch. In Guadaloupe a belligerent man threatened to smash my wife’s camera but ran to fetch his child once I produced the sketchbook. In Italy, construction workers abandoned their job site to pose for me. In Jerusalem, however, it took a week for me to be accepted by the wary inhabitants. Finally a child explained to another, “He’s not Israeli/Palestinian/Greek, he’s an artist, silly!”

I am influenced by Daumier and Toulouse Lautrec. The drawing and the actual line are important for me. I obtain immense satisfaction in realizing a situation or movement with a simple pen stroke. I hope to be remembered as a chronicler, that viewers will look at a painting or sketch or cartoon of mine and will say, “Yes, that is right. That is how it was/is!”