Abraham Ortelius Map of Asia 1579 Hand Colored Engraving


Abraham Ortelius Hand Colored copper engraving
Asiae Nova Descriptio

New map of Asia
Antwerp circa 1579
Wood frame with some wear measures 22.75" x 14". Map measures 19" x 14.5"

Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum ("Theatre of the World") is conventionally recognized as the first modern atlas, consisting of a systematic overview of the known world compiled into a single bound volume for which copper plates were specifically engraved. In its first edition, Theatrum drew upon the work some thirty-three cartographers, incorporating several maps which no longer exist in their original form. Following its initial release it was continuously revised and expanded, remaining Europe's most authoritative cartographic reference into the early 17th century. Ortelius, in addition to his achievements as a publisher and cartographer, is also remembered as the first person to have imagined that the continents were once joined together.