Antique Harbor Scene Map Modon Methoni Greece by Braun & Hogenberg


Modon siue Modona, quondam Methone, civitas est littoralis Pelopponesi in Moirea (loose trans. Modem or Modona, once Modon, the city is on the littoral Pelopponesus Moirea).

View of Methoni, Messenia, in Greece From volume II of Civitates orbis terrarum edited by Georg Braun and largely engraved by Franz Hogenberg. First Latin edition 1575, this imprint probably ca. 1580. This panel is itself largely derived from Erhard Reuwich's 1486 view of Modon as issued in Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam. 

20 ½ x 8 inches in frame. We have not removed this from frame. In good condition, center fold visible, one other flattened crease on right portion. Minor discoloration and surface dirt. Pencil notation lower right "Circa 1580".