7 German WWII Luftwaffen Airplane Gauges in Frame


7 German WW2 Luftwaffen airplane gauges in frame, including:

Variometer (fl 22386)

Tachometer Drehzohlmesser (fl 20222) missing glass

Turnback gauge Wendezieger (fl 22402)

Altimeter Hohenmesser (fl 22320)

WendeHorizont level (fl 22415-1)

Airspeed Farhtmesser (fl 22234)

Manifold pressure gauge Ladedreckmesser (fl 2055500

And framework

Cosmetically in great condition. The Tachometer is missing its glass, and the Manifolg gauge corner where it screws on is cracked but could be reglued. I will let you do that The pieces are from an estate and we have not tested them. They came from the home of an engineer and they look great, but they are being sold as is. I would like to sell them as a set and am listing them for less than they would sell for individually, so you can keep what you need and sell the rest yourself. Keep watching our website for more military collectibles as we get them listed at Gary Germer dot Com.